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Replace the centralized entities that want to tell you where to invest. With Longmire, the research is transparently done by all of us, in a bias-free way.

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Society suffers from gatekeeping and tribalism. But if you're capable, you have a place in our ecosystem, where social capital is earned.

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Longmire ratings and analyst history are stored on the blockchain. Not only is the data 100% open, it can't be changed to fit any kind of narrative.

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Our ratings are the heart of our system, and they can be accessed via chatbot (Toshi or Telegram), in our app, or on our website.


Ethereum has one of the few truly decentralized core teams, and are actively working on scaling solutions (Casper).

— 0x8ff7f3ba


Litecoin benefitted early on from their Coinbase listing, but haven't really done much since Charlie Lee stepped down. Not looking good...

— 0xcc4e2865


I didn't know much about Zcash before getting this assignment, but they are strong. Solid privacy tech, great team, and a bright future.

— 0x732d00aa


Tron... just no. Plagiarized white paper, naked marketing, and zero (yep, zero) working tech. They may be a good company someday, but for now, they are incredibly overvalued.

— 0xacfe6a77b


Bitcoin is the king of crypto, and are especially undeniable now that they've broken the 50% market cap threshold again. The only safe investment in crypto.

— 0x818f0095


Monero is one of the only true privacy coins available. Ring signatures offer protection that nothing else even approaches. Ledger support is on the horizon, as well!

— 0x44bb630fd

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We work closely with issuers to ensure fair, adequate coverage that mutually benefits all parties (us, you, and the general public). Contact us for more information about about joining our issuer program.

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Longmire offers two ways to get involved. Ease into crypto research with our Telegram bot, or advanced financial analysts may apply for our intensive Ethereum crypto rating dApp. We'll be launching in Q1 2019, so contact us to be added to the list!


Decentralized Ratings

Of course, we are ultimately a token ratings platform. Browse our ratings data to find your next hot investment! Or feel free to hook into our API (coming soon!) for the most up-to-date insights into crypto data, trends, sentiment, and ratings.

  • Objectively Crowdsourced
  • Open Data—Forever
  • Internal Self-Governance


Telegram Chatbot

We know that things like dApps and financial analysis can feel overwhelming if you're new to crypto. If words like "Metamask", "Emerald", or "Trendline" sound foreign, don't worry! We put our core game logic into a chatbot that lets you do lightweight research.

  • Same Core Logic
  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • Live @longmire_bot


Ethereum dApp

For the crypto experts, we have our full ratings dApp. Our backend is the Ethereum blockchain, making this a functional dApp. See rounds, sign up, submit files to IPFS, and rate/analyze tokens all in your browser. Contact us to become a beta tester!

  • Full Ethereum dApp
  • Decentralized & Immutable
  • For Advanced Analysts

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At Longmire, we're committed to making crypto as safe as possible for all people. Our data is open and free to use, and can be accessed through our API (coming soon!). Our goal is to bring self-governance to the token economy. Get involved now!


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